Sounds of Mumbai

Experience tourism with a sonic dimension

What does the Mumbai Local sound like? What about Gateway of India? Sounds of Mumbai explores that concept by bringing the sonic dimension to online tourism. The project lets you experience the sonic ambiences of 13 …

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One script to represent many Indian Languages

Bharati is a script that is developed by Prof. Srinivas Chakravarthy and his team in IIT Madras. He had been researching on developing a software which recognises the fonts of Indian languages out of handwritten …

typography design system design


India visualized through cartograms

A cartogram is a distorted map shows the impact of data on space. So, if a cartogram with Population were to be visualized, Uttar Pradesh would swell up because of high population and Odisha would shrink because of its low …

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Groom languages for the digital world

Kathabhidhana is an open toolkit to record a large number of words. It consists of a few free/libre and open source software, open datasets, methodologies and documentations. It can be used to record pronunciations of …

language open source initiative

Shhh! Sex

Let's discuss sex

Shhh! Sex is an intensive ten-week long system design project which includes a number of individual campaigns, each containing numerous ideas, methods and solutions to make the sex education more approachable in India. The …

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The Heritage Lab

Make Museums Fun again

Did you know there is an RBI Museum in the country where you can see the history of how our currency has evolved? Well, we didn't as well until we glanced through the inspiring initiative by Medhavi Gandhi from Delhi who …

initiative history

Virtual KGP

IIT Kharagpur explored in virtual reality

Virtual KGP is a VR experience that will let people from all around the world teleport themselves to the IIT Kharagpur campus. Through the application, users can take virtual tours and experience the campus life. Prateek …

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